Bounds on Torsion based on Lorentz tests

Many alternative theories of gravity introduce a warping of spacetime called torsion, which is different from spacetime curvature. In principle, sensitivity to spacetime torsion effects can be achieved by searching for its couplings to fermions. Since possible Lorentz-violation effects are in some cases closely related to torsion effects, recent experiments investigating Lorentz symmetry have also placed bounds on torsion. The results published in the paper listed here discuss the constraints found. They involve 19 of the 24 independent torsion components and place limits at levels of order 10^(−31) GeV.

"Constraints on Torsion from Bounds on Lorentz Violation,"

Journal publication: Physical Review Letters 100, 111102 (2008)

Free access: arXiv:0712.4393

Published work on torsion

Neil Russell