CPT and Lorentz Symmetry; The Standard-Model Extension



Limits on Spherical Coefficients for Lorentz Violation

Finsler-like structures from Lorentz-breaking classical particles
Publication in Physical Review D, Vol. 91, 045008 (2015).

Fermion Observables for Lorentz Violation
Publication in Journal of Physics G, Vol. 39, 125004 (2012).

Finsler Geometry and Lorentz Violation
Publication in Physics Letters B, Vol. 716, page 470 (2012).

Classical Kinematics for Lorentz Violation
Publication in Physics Letters B, Vol. 693, page 443 (2010).

Data Tables for Lorentz and CPT Violation
Publication in Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol 83, page 11, January-March (2011).

Spacetime Torsion
Constraints on Torsion from Bounds on Lorentz Violation

Space Tests
Symmetry tests with clock comparisons in space

Symmetry tests with hydrogen and antihydrogen. Press release from the April 2000 APS Meeting in Long Beach, California.

Penning Traps
Symmetry tests with the Penning trap

Supersymmetry and Particle Traps

LINK: Papers about quantum-mechanical supersymmetry, its application to the description of trapped particles, and some related issues.

Neil Russell