Lorentz symmetry and Penning Traps

The Standard-Model Extension has been used to analyze the Penning-trap, a laboratory device that uses electric and magnetic fields to confine charged particles. The goal of these studies has been to find potential signals for Lorentz violation. Papers include:

For an overview of some of the basic theory in these papers, see the presentation Low-energy precision studies in quantum systems given at the June 2013 Summer School on the Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension.

A recent paper by Yunhua Ding and Alan Kostelecky extending the above works to SME Lorentz-violating operators of higher mass dimension:
Lorentz-violating spinor electrodynamics and Penning traps
Phys. Rev. D 94, 056008 (2016)
Free access (arxiv:1608.07868)

A useful review of aspects of Penning traps by L.S. Brown and G. Gabrielse:
Geonium theory: Physics of a single electron or ion in a Penning trap,
Reviews of Modern Physics, 58, 233 (1986)
Free access via author web page

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