Fermion observables for Lorentz Violation

In the minimal Standard-Model Extension, each fermion species has 44 independent coefficients for Lorentz violation. This work investigates algebraic properties of these coefficients and uses the results to find limits on 13 coefficients in the electron-positron sector.

Abstract: The relationship between experimental observables for Lorentz violation in the fermion sector and the coefficients for Lorentz violation appearing in the Lagrangian density is investigated in the minimal Standard-Model Extension. The definitions of the 44 fermion-sector observables, called the tilde coefficients, are shown to have a block structure. The c coefficients decouple from all the others, have six subspaces of dimension 1, and one of dimension 3. The remaining tilde coefficients form eight blocks, one of dimension 6, one of dimension 2, three of dimension 5, and three of dimension 4. By inverting these definitions, 13 limits on the electron-sector tilde coefficients are deduced.

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