Neil Russell

Department of Physics
1401 Presque Isle Ave. 
Marquette, MI 49855-5344

Email: nrussell 'at'

Teaching Fall 2017

PH 201 College Physics
(1) Text: "College Physics," by Openstax College. Available for free online. A hard copy can also be purchased from the bookstore or online
(2) Required online homework system: Sapling (Course number is PH 201)

PH 221 Physics 2
(1) Text: Douglas C. Giancoli, "Physics for Scientists and Engineers," 3rd edition, Prentice Hall (ISBN 0-13-243106-8 or 978-0-13-243106-4). This older edition can be purchased online at low cost. The 4th edition is also OK, but will probably cost more. You may also be able to find Volume 2 of Edition 3 or 4 and this will have the chapters we'll cover.
(2) Required online homework system: Sapling
PH 221 Lab Calendar
PH 221 is the sequel to PH 220, and employs calculus-level math. It is about electromagnetism, the mechanism for the majority of the everyday phenomena we see and the devices we use. Broadly, the topics are charge and electric fields, electric current and magnetic fields, circuits, electromagmetic waves, and optics.


Recent and current projects: maintenance of the Data Tables for Lorentz and CPT Violation, work on Finsler geometry, and studies placing limits on spacetime torsion. Earlier work incudes calculations to test relativity in antihydrogen and Penning traps.